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Save time and money by making your mobile devices shock-resistant with MOBILIS® solutions

Permanent protective cases from MOBILIS® protect tablets, smartphones, hybrid PCs, laptop computers and data-entry terminals against bumps and shocks when being transported, but especially during everyday use, supporting operational teams out in the field all day long.

Our 100% configurable solutions adapt to different uses and specific requirements in every industry and every role, promoting ergonomic usage as a result, as well as improving the operational efficiency of each and every remote worker, whether sales representatives, technicians, experts, police officers, delivery drivers, healthcare professionals, and more.

Our products bring proven benefits to all companies where productivity is based on high-performing mobile devices. With 28 years of experience, MOBILIS® is now a key partner in supplying protective cases for all makes and models of mobile terminals, thanks to our tailor-made solutions for every possible kind of device.

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This success is based on analysing your specific needs, our expertise and our industrial capacity to respond. We develop bespoke solutions that offer optimal protection, portability and better ergonomics, supporting users working in the field with their everyday tasks.

Having effective protection solutions in place that respond to your needs is as much a financial necessity as it is an operational one.

  • Fewer breakages means less maintenance required, which therefore helps to reduce your overall cost of ownership.
  • Better ergonomic usage and a lack of failures resulting from drops and bumps all leads to improved productivity out in the field.

Physically protecting your mobile devices therefore optimises the return on investment from your digital approach. Get all the facts by downloading our white paper.

Think about all you can gain from being better protected
of professional mobile device users have already cracked their screen
of breakages occur when products are in use
billion € per year is the cost of breakages and failures for companies

Your needs are unique, and so is your MOBILIS® solution!

MOBILIS® custom made solutions:

  • are specifically designed, developed and produced according to your exact specifications;
  • offer dedicated protective casings for every one of your devices, including all makes and models;
  • involve customisable products depending on your industry, user roles, usage and working environment constraints;
  • provide the most effective protection on the market, with the only IK10 cases (the highest level of shock-resistance available within the IK standard) supporting up to 1,000 drops from a height of 1 metre onto a concrete floor (meaning drop resistance that is more than 30 times greater than the MIL-STD-810G standard);
  • there’s a complete range of options, user support devices and additional accessories available (including shoulder straps, hand straps, flaps, tripods, pen holders, logos, and more) to improve protection levels, ergonomics and safety, both in everyday use and in transport, which also allows you to personalise your solution.
  • French design and manufacturing.

A solution 100% adapted to your needs, with protective cases for all kinds of devices, all makes, models and uses. At MOBILIS®, each material has its own dedicated protective case. Thus, we have more than 2000 references in our portfolio and we develop 400 to 700 products each year.

4 complementary product ranges to satisfy the specific needs of each and every user


Permanent protection to secure all your tablets and hybrid PCs:

  • the only protective casing on the market that meets the IK10 standard;
  • resistant to up to 1,000 drops from a height of 1 metre onto a concrete floor
  • designed for intensive use in the field for maintenance technicians, site managers, technical-sales teams, expert consultants, and so on.

Thousands of optional combinations available to adapt your cases to your needs. Made in France.


Permanent protection for your tablets and data-entry terminals:

  • IK08-standard shock-resistance; 
  • resistant to up to 1,000 drops from a height of 1 metre onto a concrete floor
  • designed for intensive mobile usage for all professionals looking to optimise what they need to carry with them, including maintenance engineers and technicians, delivery drivers, postal workers, inspectors, mechanics and repair teams, technical sales staff, sales representatives for retailers, and so on.

Hundreds of optional combinations available for adapting and personalising products. Made in France.


Permanent protection for your tablets and hybrid PCs:

  • IK08-standard shock-resistance
  • resistant to up to 50 drops from a height of 1 metre onto a concrete floor
  • designed for both mobile and office use for executives, sales teams, at-home sales representatives, merchandisers, sales promoters, semi-mobile office staff, doctors, healthcare visitors and pharmacists (OTC), hospital staff, investigators, and so on.

Hundreds of optional combinations available for adapting and personalising products. Made in France.


Permanent protection for laptop computers:

  • ‘second skin’ casing secured to the device
  • IK10-standard shock-resistance
  • resistant to 50 drops from a height of 1.2 metres
  • designed for intensive mobile usage for technicians, technical sales staff, and so on.

A genuine alternative to ruggedized PCs, guaranteeing record TCO (total cost of ownership) returns, reducing equipment failure rates by a factor of 10.

An ergonomic solution with a range of standard, functional devices, helping to facilitate the everyday lives of mobile workers.

You break it, we pay for it!
Unrivalled powers of protection guaranteed Key features:
• In terms of drop resistance, MOBILIS® is up to 30 times more powerful than military standard MIL-STD-810G.
• MOBILIS® is the only company on the market to offer IK10 levels of protection, which is the highest degree of resistance to mechanical shocks within the IK standard.
• MOBILIS® guarantees the efficiency of our products: if you break it, we pay for it!*, that is our Preventis* guarantee promise. (To find out more, contact us by email or consult our General Terms and Conditions.

Understanding your needs – the first step to better protection for your mobile devices

MOBILIS® supports all industries. However niche your business may be, there’s a good chance we already understand your individual needs and any requirements specific to your working environment, and those of your users.

MOBILIS®' 28 years of experience mean:

  • We have fantastic knowledge of all industrial sectors, including rail, logistics, education, postal services, government, healthcare, food, automotive, retail, and so on;
  • We’ve mastered the needs of mobile workers in every industry, including sales teams, merchandisers, sales promoters, healthcare visitors and pharmacists (OTC), at-home sales representatives, hospital staff, executives, maintenance technicians, delivery drivers, postal workers, inspectors, mechanics and repair teams, expert consultants and more.
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