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MOBILIS is the only player in the market to own 2 ‘made in France’ factories (Annecy & Méreau). Due to this well thought-out strategy, we are providing the best product quality and custom-made solutions to solve our customers problems. This made in France production is also enrolled by our corporate social responsibilities and commitments. Let us discover the 6 reasons why MOBILIS has always manufactured in France and continues to develop its production units close to it’s headquarters :

1. Quick product development

As the leader in the physical protection (protective cases) and carrying solutions (bags & holsters) for mobile devices such as Auto-ID terminal, laptop (180° or 360°), tablet and smartphone, MOBILIS must constantly keep up with new devices on the market, as with working environmental contrains and fast changes.
Being close to our 2 factories makes product development much faster. Thanks to our internal R&D service (7 person), we can quickly produce prototypes (around 700 per year), test them and adjust them thanks to precise feedbacks.

2. Quality monitoring

For MOBILIS, it is very important to provide to our customers the highest quality products and materials. That is why we value the ability to enjoy an internal know-how. and technical materials mainly from Europe.
Our R&D team think, draw, design and source certified materials (Oeko-Tex, BlueSign, Global Recycled Standard, Origine France Garantie…). They cut, sew, 3D Print, assemble & customize for you.
We check the quality of all elements and components at each stage of a products development, during the mass production and before shipping. Our commitment delivers you the very best and most durable solutions.

3. Customization service

Our R&D teams customize solutions to solve the problems you face every day in your working environment.
MOBILIS custom-make products ‘in- house’ so we can quickly modify any product to meet customer’s unique needs.
We can adapt design, materials, toughness grade, colors, logos, ergonomics & portability aids to fit the way you work.

4. Quick delivery

Our 2 factory locations in Europe (France) allows us to deliver to our customers in under 5 weeks. An important added-value, especially during this hard period for the transport field due to the Corona virus pandemic !
It is also easier for us to have full control over production & deliveries.
MOBILIS solutions are important to improve your employee’s efficiency, this is why we deliver them as fast as possible. Our ability to provide high quality products quickly is the way that MOBILIS stands out from competitors, and our customers around the world appreciate it!


Our corporate social responsibility is our base line for decision making. We are proud to manufacture a significant part of our collections in-house and be a part of ‘La French Fab, a movement of French industrial companies who innovate, create jobs, develop and reinvent them-selves within local regions. From the birth of our business, we built a valuable internal & local know-how. We respect local fiscal regulations and employee working conditions.  

6. Lower environmental footprint

When we manufacture our cases for tablets, smartphones, mobile computers and laptops locally (in France) it means we divide the CO² load and our global carbon foot print, from 2 and 8 times versus a product coming from Asia!
That is why, MOBILIS are focused on French manufacturing for the last 28 years.

MOBILIS has therefore opted for maximum optimization of our environmental and social impact throughout the life cycle of our products.
For example, there is no scheduled lifetime of our products! We ensure both the protection quality of your mobile devices & the durability our cases and solutions.
All of our protective shell ranges can be repaired by us in France.


Local production is a set of conscious decisions & actions for Mobilis. It allows us a great flexibility to adapt our products to your special needs and own businesses requirements.

It also makes our development process faster with a better management of each step of the production !

It is up to you to make the right choice for a durable consumption
Our team think, draw, design, source certified materials, cut, sew, assemble & customize solutions to solve your problems.

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