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Numerous global customer references across all business sectors and all domains
Food & beverage
Sales force equipment on mobile IT devices contributes to productivity for businesses. For maximum flexibility, you can manage quotations, orders and invoices, inventory lookup, optimise deliveries, access technical plans etc. anywhere and anytime!
Danone, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble and even Heineken trust us to protect and transport their remote user IT equipment with improved ergonomics.
Transport & Logistics
Whether you are an HGV driver or airline pilot, a fork lift truck operator or logistics manager, an order picker or courier, MOBILIS® supports all professionals who use mobile IT to optimise deliveries, have access to real time schedules, scan, take signatures, print, receive and send alerts, and to be contactable and responsive!
The terminal’s strength is essential for intensive mobile usage on the go!
Energy & Utilities
Water, gas and electricity production and distribution face various challenges: network maintenance, customer relations, optimising manufacturing, safety, etc.
We help EDF, E-ON, Engie, Red Electrica, Repsol and many others with their technicians’ and engineers’ equipment, offering them a wide range of protective cases that adapt to very special occupational and environmental constraints.
The rail network is a sector that is continually reinventing itself: transforming and maintaining railway tracks, stations and trains, welcoming, assisting and guiding millions of passengers, ensuring their safety etc.
Smartphones and tablets are essential companions for drivers, controllers, logisticians, technicians and engineers. Accessing, sharing and tracking information is critical!
At primary school, secondary school or in higher education, content has become digital and interactive, and is therefore accessible via tablet or laptop.
Integrating these tools at school, at home and in children's “school bags” is a real challenge for relatively fragile equipment. For over 15 years, MOBILIS® has protected more than 500,000 laptops and tablets globally within the education system.
The challenge for retail and retail outlets: improving stock management, inventories, preparing orders, managing in-store click and collect, providing more information to customers, improving packing, upselling, etc.
These are all the advantages of PDAs, Smartphones and Tablets! You still need to have good protective and ergonomic solutions to make them easier to use, as Darty, But, Auchan, Costa and Kiabi already have.
Tablets, laptops, smartphones and PDAs have long been involved in production workshops for operations as diverse as robot management and programming, augmented reality, monitoring production cycles, quality control and performing maintenance operations.
Every day, groups such as Airbus, Toyota, Techem, Bosch and Otis severely test MOBILIS® solutions!
Forces of law and order & Security
Security has become a major problem. With this in mind, the security forces (Police, Constabulary, Military, Fire Brigade, etc.) must have direct and secure access to their “occupational” applications on the spot (in relation to wanted persons, stolen vehicles, burglary maps, identity checks, Electronic Reports, etc.)
This equipment, whether individual or collective, must be operational 24/7... its strength and physical protection are essential!

For many years, MOBILIS® has helped Toyota, Snap-On, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz with their mobile IT projects, whether for monitoring production, quality control, parts and accessories stock management and inventory lookup, receiving and checking showroom vehicles, and sales or vehicles diagnostics.

Banks, Finances, Insurances & Advice
Via the digitalisation process, the banking and insurance sectors are revolutionising the way they work in order to improve productivity! Paperless contracts, interactive reception desks... The digital revolution is in full swing, thanks to more accessible, ergonomic and user-friendly equipment such as tablets and convertible laptops.
MOBILIS® plays its part by safeguarding equipment against breakages, theft and by protecting sensitive data.
For over 15 years, “health” professions have become almost completely digitised, with electronic files, medical imaging, medical records, prescriptions, etc.
MOBILIS® has taken action to protect your equipment (tablets, smartphones, scanners, HHDs, desktop PCs, etc.), against breakages and theft, but also to protect sensitive data and to make the day-to-day life of medical staff easier by focussing on the ergonomics of mobile terminals in relation to bedside care.
Postal services
Postal equipment with smartphones, reception desk and over the counter sales, sorting office automation, “new” services (meter readings, surveys, etc.)
MOBILIS® has worked in this sector for fifteen or so National Postal Services (Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, etc.) to transport and protect mobile IT equipment, ergonomics and vehicle integration, postal logistics, etc.

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