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June 2022 >> OBJECTIF 4061

At the MOBILIS headquarters in Annecy, we are surrounded by beautiful, big mountains.
Everyone, in their daily commute, remote work days... see them from more or less far. We observe them, we go on our little Sunday hikes, we go skiing whenever we can.
The Alps are the cradle of MOBILIS, its main residence and certainly what makes it unique in the IT world.
Marc Fernandez, the General Manager of MOBILIS, is particularly fond of these mountains!
During his reading of Emmanuel Faner's "Opening a Way" (ex CEO of the Danone Group), he took up the challenge of launching a crazy idea: to climb together to an altitude of more than 4000m?
4061m to be precise. (The last few metres are so important...). With a summit that makes you dream: the Grand Paradis!

Why will we do it?

To confront the mountain together, to be responsible for oneself but also for the others... to advance step by step together towards a common goal. To immerse ourselves in nature to better understand how imperative and urgent it is to preserve it.
He presented this adventure to us during the last Christmas party between chocolates and champagne! From our teams in Paris to our teams abroad, everyone was enthusiastic about this idea.
Well, a 4061m is not a simple Sunday hike either... The mountain should not be played with randomly. It must be tamed and respected, because it is the only master of the game. It is therefore necessary to be prepared to anticipate it.

15 people will take up this challenge, both individually and collectively, and prepare themselves for 4 months with :

  • Physical tests,
  • 4 months of intensive training,
  • A week-end of acclimatisation in high mountains,
  • And finally, the final ascent in JUNE 2022.

Men and women from all departments, from all hierarchical levels (sales, design, IT, marketing, industry, administration...), from all walks of life, who have very different individual objectives in this adventure: to get back into sport, to get closer to nature, to push back limits, to recharge batteries, to surpass oneself... and to succeed, the collective strength of the group and your support as best allies!

Follow us for 4 months in this adventure, you will soon discover the faces of each participant, who they are, their success and difficulties... We take you with us to the Grand Paradis.


Lucas B., DACH Sales Manager, the goal is the top 

"I went up once in my life to 4000, it was in Argentina and by car... I felt like a thief, as if I had missed the goal of being up there... so when the opportunity for this new mountaineering challenge presented itself, it was an opportunity not to be missed! An opportunity to share the physical preparations, the ascent with colleagues, and the unique atmosphere that reigns in a mountain refuge. It's quite a challenge, and as a salesperson I'm always motivated to take on challenges! A summit of 4000m is a bit like raising a target of numbers... not even afraid! "The opportunity to take on a new challenge..."

Aline, MOBILIS designer, the sense of beauty

"Native of Brittany, I have always loved nature. Now that I see the mountains every day, I dream more and more of climbing to the top... Higher, always higher because the higher you go up, the more beautiful, natural, deserted and invigorating it is, to feel alive! I like to face new challenges and when I embark on something I do it thoroughly. So I want to take up this challenge, as much for a personal physical challenge as for the human experience. Sharing this challenge with colleagues, allowing people to see each other differently to better understand each other and succeed in an ascent thanks to group spirit and cohesion, is just as important to me.

David, MOBILIS IT Director, always connected 

"Sunday sportsman, used to hiking on weekends in our beautiful region, these last 2 years have been rather limited, between confinements and bad weather, to 40.61cm from my sofa. Beyond this unique opportunity, this collective challenge that allows you to share an activity with these colleagues outside the daily professional life, I see above all, at 45 years old and a few kilos too much, a life project. An ambitious goal, above my current level, to get back seriously to sport, improve my health and lose a few pounds. A fitness shared with my wife during these 4 months of preparation. In short, I never thought I'd say that one day, but this weekend I bought a sports watch! "In short, I bought a sports watch..."

Jade, Channel Development Manager, on her homelands

"Italian at heart and of origin, I spent my holidays in the mountains of Piedmont. So the name of this summit resonated with me as the ideal point between the 2 countries that I love so much. The preparation and the ascent are an opportunity to concretize my personal path towards the end at the summit that dominates both France and Italy. The collective spirit around this path is all the more important. Challenging yourself with the strength of a team, and arriving together at the same goal, seems essential to me. After these 2 years of anxiety-provoking periods and the social distancing that has resulted, this adventure is an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air together! "The ideal summit between the 2 countries I love so much..." 

Aurélie, Sales Administration Manager, nature in oxygen

"This project had long been in a corner of my head, so I seized the opportunity, the chance to live this individual and collective human adventure. The mountain rejuvenates me, it helps me to breathe, and to go further in my life. With it you can't cheat... and we always come out from the top! It is also this moment of sharing with my colleagues that attracts me. Discover people differently, than in the context of work. This ascent will be a new opportunity to help each other and go in the same direction, as we do on a daily basis, but roped we will no longer have a choice. "In the mountains you can't cheat..." 

Gilles, Benelux Key Account Manager, is gaining height

"Originally from the flat country, the 4000m can hardly be done in Belgium! I was very sporty, 10 years ago, all sports, except cycling despite my origins. An injury put me at a standstill, it's time to resume now! All the preparation for this sporting challenge and the group effect allows you to let yourself be carried away by this common motivation. And then, for me, it is above all an opportunity to no longer only be in control of oneself, but to let oneself be guided by the group and the rope and not to control everything. Going up to 4000m allows you to see things in perspective once up there... "Seeing things in perspective..."

Louise, Product and CSR Manager, committed by nature

"A 4000m seemed inaccessible. When the Synpeak agency showed us the photos and the program was set, it became possible. I would never have imagined doing it alone, the group spirit allows you to motivate and surpass yourself. It is a real challenge of cohesion, we will find ourselves in a different context than meetings or festive moments! And then, as a CSR officer at MOBILIS, there is the whole human and environmental dimension that makes sense. It's time to enjoy what nature and the mountains offer us before it goes away. And to make an aperitif at 4000m! "A human and environmental dimension... "

Quentin, Datacapture Development Manager, the cheerful mustache

"High Savoyard pure strain, mountain trailer and sporty in all seasons, the 4000m was not yet in my To Do list. So this is an opportunity for me to surpass a new goal. But it is above all the opportunity to follow a nice red thread all together. At MOBILIS, I like the good atmosphere and the understanding we have between the different departments. So it's like a no-brainer to do it between us. I am the first end in the process of motivating everyone on a daily basis, so the joyful mustache that I am, intends to bring his joie de vivre, fun and support to 4000m as well as to 400m! "Bring your joie de vivre to 4000m... "

Jérôme, Injection Production Manager, motivated as ever

"An opportunity like this will not come up anytime soon for me, and since all opportunities have an expiration date, it had to be seized. I like to push my limits, I like challenges, personal challenges. It motivated me so much that I also set myself the challenge of the half marathon, as much as the training was productive! But the challenge of the 4000m is not only individual it is also and above all collective and this ascent will, humanly and sportingly be beautiful and intense. So we go, motivated like never before and we give everything with the team !"

Julie, Communication Manager, challenges is life

"Several years ago, the mountains, the snow and I were not necessarily friends. And then I discovered a lot of peace in the mountains, nature recharges me and allows me to take the time to appreciate simple things. Now I even need to hug the trees! I like above all challenges, to set goals whether they are sports or not, to make me feel even more alive. This opportunity does not often present itself in a life, I want to live this collective emotion that takes us from the 1st day of training to the top all together."

Lucas T, Prototypist Designer, the thirst for challenges

"100% Haut Savoyard, I have always loved the mountain, but I never thought I would do a 4000m of myself so this opportunity was for me. Especially since I've never been to Italy... Sporty, I like physical challenges, but the mountain I am used to skiing down rather than climbing it! Very active by nature, in a physical objective such as this I am rather calm. It is in this spirit that I want to live this beautiful experience with my colleagues, see them differently, discover other personalities and drink a genepi all together up there! "The mountain I'm used to going down..."

Yoan, Key Account Manager, beyond the top

"The most important thing is that I've never done it and I'm always fond of new experiences! It is our achievements that give meaning to our lives and make us feel alive. In this magnificent adventure, there is both the desire to set an individual goal that will require effort and sacrifice and at the same time the involvement of all that will make the success of this expedition. And beyond the ascent, it is the route to get there that remains the most interesting, all the emulation around this adventure and not only the final flag plant, which will be just the beautiful conclusion."

Marc, Managing Director, the sharing of values

"I wanted to give employees the opportunity to share a human experience above all, but also to surpass themselves to avoid the "status quo". The high mountains kindly put us back to the "small place" that is ours and it has the power to put into perspective the importance of our actions to preserve it and to surpass ourselves in a very concrete way in the face of difficulties. I want to live these strong emotions with people who share a large part of my daily life for more than 22 years... and these moments of sharing are invaluable to me. The development of a company is like climbing a mountain... it is one step after another, all together on the same path that leads to the top!"

Here is the film that remakes this beautiful human adventure

Thank you to Synpeak and Christophe HERMITAN for the support, the physical preparation programmes and the motivation of our teams during each outing.
An essential follow-up to make our team real mountaineers!


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