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Cat.1 General public masks 2 products available

Price from 0.07€ incl per use

We have implemented all of our networks (French Textile and Clothing Institute (IFTH), General Directorate of Armaments (DGA), etc.) and all of our know-how to provide you with a certified UNS Cat. 1 general public protective solution to guarantee the safety of your employees and your families.

The material of these 2-layer textile masks has been validated by the DGA. They have air permeability as well as performance in protection efficiency compatible with type usage ‘masks of category 1 general public’ 

(Individual masks dedicated to professionals in contact with the public. Particle filtration efficiency of 3 µM:> 90%. Breathability: air permeability test> 96 L.M².S-1 for a vacuum of 100 PA - These masks do not represent medical devices (Regulation EU / 2017/745), only alternatives, they are not intended to be used by nursing staff in contact with patients.)


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