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Made In France Face Shields2 Produkte verfügbar

made in france products from mobilis factory in méreau, france

Price from 5.95€ incl. for one shield.

MOBILIS® French teams located in our Méreau factory (Centre Val de Loire) are more than ever mobilized to produce 2 face shield models dedicated to   prevent droplets splashing onto the face. We make every effort to provide additional protective solutions adapted to professionals and to guarantee their safety and the one of the public against COVID-19. Our 2 protections comply with 2001/95/EC Directive, they are made of 0.5mm crystal transparent PET material to ensure a total vision comfort. These anti-splash face shields do not represent medical devices (EU / 2017/745 Regulation), only alternatives, so they are not intended to be use by medical staffs in contact with patients. Reusable (after cleaning) without any limitation of time, they are both adjustable to manage the space between the face and the shield and fit with your head, avoiding steam traces.


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