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The United Nations' sustainable development goals are a common thread to act positively on the environment and on people. Here is how MOBILIS transformed its strategy starting with 7 concrete applications. Striving towards these objectives allows us to innovate, to work locally and sustainably and to offer a tailor-made service to our customers & partners.


In order to guarantee equality and, above all, gender equity, MOBILIS gives women equal access to management positions, at all decision-making levels: 48% of our workforce is represented by women and 49% of them are managers.


MOBILIS makes industrial and technical choices on a daily basis, guided towards the reduction and non-consumption of hydrocarbons and towards clean and renewable energy consumption.

Our local production, in Haute-Savoie and Center-Val-de-Loire, allows us to control our equipment and to opt for production machines that are "clean" without fossil fuels and without harmful emissions.


We are proud to be part of “La French Fab”, a movement of French companies who innovate, create jobs, develop and reinvent themselves within local regions. Our involvement in sustainable development and the desire to control our production chain are highlighted with the repatriation of production lines from China to France in March, 2020.

Since 1993, we have consolidated an internal and local industrial ‘know-how’ thanks to the promotion of work-study programs to train young talents.

We are a French company composed with 7 subsidiaries in Europe and we respect OECD taxes and social laws for each one.

As AMFORI - BSCI, MOBILIS is committed to an active approach which consists of controlling and improving working, social and environmental conditions among our 14 industrial partners in Asia:

  • No child labour
  • No discrimination
  • No tolerance for harassment
  • Fair salary and working hours
  • Employment protection
  • No forced labour
  • Freedom of association
  • Health and Safety


No outsiders: This is the strength of MOBILIS when we are recruiting our talents.

Applicants are only selected for their personality and skills, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic or other status


We use to work with local suppliers and subcontractors as well as workers with disabilities (ADIMC74 - Establishment and Service for Work Assistance).

It is also important to involve each employee in this desire to reduce our carbon footprint by giving them the possibility of teleworking or commuting by bicycle. We promote soft mobility by equipping our employees with electric bikes for free.

We know that employee well-being and work-life balance are keys to success !


We also have chosen to optimize our environmental and social impact throughout the lifecycle of our products.

This optimization is enrolled with the choice of suitable and sustainable raw materials, the establishment of standards and regulations in our manufacturing plants, the optimization of our transport and the end-of-life management of our products: recyclability and repairability.

Thus, we extend the lifespan of our users' mobile devices through the durability of our solutions.


Since 2019, we have been integrating raw materials from recycling channels into all our products. We choose labelled materials (e.g., Global Recycled Standard) to ensure their origin and control their impact on the environment.

MOBILIS' priority is now to repatriate the majority of its production (protective cases, bags and accessories) to France, where we already have 2 production sites (find out more about our CSR commitments).

We prioritize French manufacturing, when possible, which allows us to divide the carbon footprint of our products between by 5 to 8 times. We optimize the volume transported and stored as well as the journeys by bringing distribution centres closer to consumers. Thus, we limit the use of sea lanes and their pollution.

Nature is essential to our survival. In order to protect it as much as possible, we are gradually stopping all non-essential plastics, creating single-material packaging, and using FSC-labelled kraft cardboard boxes to make our packaging 100% recyclable.

It’s now up to you to make the right choice for a responsible consumption!
Our team think, draw, design, source certified materials, cut, sew, assemble & customize solutions. To follow your unique needs, we offer you unique & durable products.

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